Stepan Parunashvili

“Stepan has the resourcefulness, persistence, and always-positive attitude only held by the rare few that always succeed at whatever they set out to do in life. Bet on him.”

Derek Sivers Serial Entrepreneur. CD Baby and Woodegg

“Stepan's fiercely oriented around mastery and being great at what he does, and goes far to ensure everyone is satisfied and well cared for. He's a worthy guy to get to know and do business with. If you hire him, you're going to get a great ROI. If you collaborate with him, you're going to get an inventive rising star.”

Sebastian Marshall Director CPNC, Author

“I've been working with Stepan for months on a complex, multi-stage project that has involved technical and managerial work. Every step of the way, Stepan has taken the initiative and gone beyond spec to deliver value on the project. His personable style, enthusiasm, drive, and pride in his work - along with his genuine curiosity and desire for the project to succeed - have made Stepan a pleasure to work with.”

Abraham Sorock CEO Atlas China

About Stepan Parunashvili

Persistence, working with excellent people, having fun and delivering something I'm so proud of that I'll show my mom, even though she doesn't understand the Internet. That encapsulates my approach to life — the process is where it's at.

For the last 2 years, I've worked with Derek Sivers, Sebastian Marshall, and a slew of excellent entrepeneurs in technology. I focus mostly on UI/UX, Rails, and javascript MVCs.

In 2014, I arrived in San Franscisco to seek a team that's focused on building a disruptive product. I'm aiming to surround myself with people who I can learn alongside both technically and as an entrepeneur.

If you think doing 10 times more than normal is normal, I look forward to learning with you.